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Dr. Neda Oromchian is a visionary artist and has practiced for over 31 years in the field of a Pediatric Dentistry in San Ramon, CA.

She is known for her unique style of Sculptural mix media painting as well as spiritual art.  She has a passion for children’s well being and is known for uplifting their spirit.


Since she was a child, she was deeply connected to her visionary dreams and spiritual messages. She started painting and illustrating her vivid dreams on canvas. Ultimately, painting became her overpowering passion. For the past 10 years, she has been painting her dreams and meditation messages, and by doing so, she gives them a sense of life once they are captured.  After her sudden illness and not being able to work and,  her  father’s death & divorce, she had a burning desire to know her higher self to come out of the trauma that she was in.

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She  then earned a Master’s Certificate in Intuition Medicine™ at the Academy of Intuition Medicine in Sausalito, CA and, followed up with Foundation for Shamanic Studies and the New Age practice of "Core Shamanism and excelled in her training for last 3 years. 

Her deepest desire was to work again with children so, after retiring from her dental career life took her on the road to start a art class  & a meditation classes for children so they could express their dreams and fears on canvas as well as teaching them how to set boundaries to protect themselves from anxiety and fear & bulling.


Her gift to her community is her intuitive ability, positive energy and, her love for children that allows children to connect to her. She also serves as Dental Director for a non profit organization called Dentists on Wheels that they provide free dental care for underserved communities in Contra Costa . 

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